Convert sunlight to power your home

Make the switch to solar

Enjoy electricity bill savings and reduce carbon emissions, without lowering your electricity consumption.

Take control of your monthly electricity bill and reduce your dependence on the grid with our turnkey solution. 

Our experts handle everything, from design and installation to ongoing maintenance. We make the transition to clean, renewable energy seamless for you.

3 simple steps to your clean and smart solution with Eigen Energy

Making the switch to solar

Convert your home’s energy use to a cleaner, greener alternative to reduce your carbon footprint

and increase your energy resilience

How do you get a solar system for your home? In 3 easy steps:

Step two

Step three

Step one

System Design Planning



Contact our solar engineer to get a price estimate via roof plan or Google satellite images

Upon acceptance of the design proposal, pay using a UOB credit card* and our team will do the rest

Fix a date for your solar panel installation and enjoy a hassle-free experience

* Terms and conditions apply. Visit for details.

If you have a UOB Go Green Home Loan, you can use applicable U-Solar subsidies to offset your bill. Terms and conditions apply. Visit GO Green Home Loan for details. 

Simplify your switch to solar energy with UOB

Enjoy interest-free monthly payment plans

Preferred banking partner


UOB’s U-Solar programme is designed to help you optimise electricity bill savings while saving the environment. Use your UOB credit card to enjoy an interest-free payment plan for up to 36 months*

Get an estimate on potential savings here!

* Terms and conditions apply. Visit for details.

Huawei Inverters

High efficiency DC to AC conversion with the Smart Energy Controller

  • Input-side disconnetion device
  • DC reverse polarity protection
  • Insulation monitoring
  • DC surge protection
  • AC surge protection
  • AC overcurrent protection
  • AC short-circuit protection
  • AC overvoltage protection

Energy Optimiser

Active Safety

Enhanced User Experience

Get up to 30% more energy

Mitigate energy flunctuations

AI-powered arcing protection

Arc fault pinpointing

Backup power to circumvent outage

Module auto-mapping within 5s

System component auto-detection

Talk to our Solar Engineer

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